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$60,000 fundraiser with local McDonald’s and Pittsburgh Penguins supports projects at Ronald McDonald House Morgantown

Every year, around 300 families with children in need of specialized services offered by local hospitals find comfort at Ronald McDonald House Morgantown.

During the 2023–24 hockey season, community members, the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team and local McDonald’s restaurants joined forces to raise approximately $60,000 to support the mission and operations of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Pittsburgh and Morgantown.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are no strangers to the RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown, and a collaboration between the organizations was a natural choice. Beginning September of last year and running for six months, local McDonald’s restaurants sold $6 insulated drink sleeves featuring Pittsburgh Penguins and McDonald’s branding, donating a portion of proceeds to the RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown. By the promotion’s end, $60,000 had been raised for the Pittsburgh and Morgantown houses.

The McDonald’s, Pittsburgh Penguins and Ronald McDonald House Charities branded insulation sleeves sold during the fundraising promotion. (Submitted photo)

“It is a tremendous gift. We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of two major organizations, and also the community who purchased the sleeves,” said RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown CEO Eleanor Reigel. “The generosity shown by the community of people, when I think about it, is awe-inspiring. They don’t know who they’re helping, but they want to help, and I think that says it all.”

While the community may not know who specifically they are helping with their donations, they know who RMHC is designed to support — families seeking specialized medical care from regional experts at Morgantown’s renowned hospitals, and some of the most inspiring and courageous individuals Reigel has met.

Families staying at the Morgantown house are often caring for children struggling with genetic disorders, organ failure, premature birth, cancer or other rare or complex conditions that require regular visits or stays at local hospitals. Amid such a difficult time in the family’s life, Reigel emphasizes the importance of keeping the family close and free from additional stressors. 

“In Morgantown, the hospital has expanded and increased their medical specialties to better serve the communities of West Virginia,” said Reigel. “I’m thrilled to be part of the support system to help mom, dad, grandparents, whoever is involved in the care, to really give them an opportunity to rest and have some peace while they’re addressing whatever concerns they have for their sick child.”

Ronald McDonald House Morgantown is more than just a place to rest your head, it’s somewhere to find support, a warm meal, a helping hand with chores and more.

For over 30 years, the Morgantown house has provided guests with comfortable private rooms, 24/7 staff, laundry facilities and supplies, linen services, one or two fresh meals per week, pantries stocked with comfort foods and communal relaxation or entertainment areas. Its proximity to WVU Medicine Children’s hospital makes it easy for families to visit their child in treatment — one less matter for families to consider, and one more way RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown has kept families’ attention undivided and focused on their child’s care.

“We consider the family a very close unit, and I think our mission emphasizes the importance of keeping the family together during this journey they’re on,” said Reigel. “We really just try to think of everything that we could possibly provide to mom and dad, so they don’t have to worry about even the simplest things. It’s all those little things, really, that make it really important.”

Funds raised by the promotion will support RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown’s general operations and a variety of projects between the two houses. Both houses require regular maintenance and beautification, including paint touch-ups, security updates and heating and cooling unit replacements. One of the major ongoing projects is one that many visitors to Morgantown might be familiar with: the renovation of the Morgantown house, which began September of last year. The Morgantown house’s renovation will add 11 more rooms and renovate existing rooms. Construction is expected to complete by this fall.

A digital rendering of the Ronald McDonald House Morgantown after remodeling. (Submitted photo)

Proceeds from the collaboration fundraiser with the Pittsburgh Penguins and local McDonald’s may fund this project and more. To further support RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown, find donation and volunteer opportunities at

This July, RMHC of Pittsburgh and Morgantown will commemorate its 45th anniversary with a celebration for its families, donors and board members. Further details will be available at