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Screen time can benefit your child’s learning skills

Ever since I had kids, I have heard the debate onwhether screen time is appropriate for young children. One side of the debate says screen time creates short attention spans and children could benefit more from activities like playing outside or crafting.

The other side of the argument says screen time gives parents a break and today’s generation of children are immersed in technology and screens early on to prepare them for their future.

I have always understood both sides of the argument, but also tried to be mindful of how my children were getting screen time. I always make sure they are watching age-appropriate shows and that the games they are playing on their pads are appropriate as well.

With my oldest one now in kindergarten, I also try to put learning games on her pad to help her practice her numbers and letters.

In my house, PBS Kids channel has always been a big hit because it offers a ton of different shows and I have found they are all age-appropriate and educational.

So, when I found another mom on social media talking about intentional screen time, I had to look into what she was doing with her children. She was pulling up Just Dance videos on her smart TV through YouTube and letting her kids burn out energy dancing along to the songs! I thought this was a genius idea and I had to try it right away.

So, I pulled up YouTube on the TV and typed in Just Dance Disney in the search bar. A ton of videos popped up with different Disney princesses and songs for kids to dance along to. My 5-year-old danced along for probably an hour or so to these videos.

When I was scrolling through all the different songs to pick from, I also saw Frozen Yoga and Trolls Freeze Dance. We tried both of those as well and they were a huge hit with my daughter. We have been doing this for the past several nights to burn off energy after dinner before bedtime.

This is a great option when it is too cold to go run around and play outside.

So, next time you are wondering how to have intentional screen time that still benefits your children learning and growing, keep this in mind!

ANN BURNS is a Morgantown native, raising two young children with her husband, Drake. She writes weekly columns for The Dominion Post. Contact her at