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Family, police search for local man last seen in January

The family of a local man last seen in Morgantown in January are desperately trying to find any information on his whereabouts.

James Roy Weaver, 48, was last seen on Jan. 14 in the Forest Avenue area in Morgantown. He is described as a white male, 6’4” and weighing around 220 pounds, with very blue eyes and light brown and gray hair.

The Dominion Post spoke with Weaver’s sister, Sherry Neyman, who said he left their mother’s house on Jan. 13 with his girlfriend and did not take his medication with him, leaving their mother with the impression that he would be back the next day.

The following morning, Weaver’s girlfriend called his mother asking if he had come back because when she woke up on Sunday he was not there.

Since then, Neyman said she has spoken with friends who saw him that Sunday, Jan. 14.

One friend said Weaver stopped at his house for a shower and a change of clothes. Another said he bought him a coffee at the downtown Sheetz that morning then went to breakfast with him. The two spent a few hours together, the friend said.

Those two people were the last to see Weaver as far as the family can determine, Neyman said.

The family was not initially overly concerned about Weaver’s whereabouts because he tends to live a transient lifestyle and it’s not uncommon to not hear from him for a week or two at a time.

This time feels different, Neyman said. She recalls her brother wanted to talk to her about something the week before he went missing but didn’t want to do so with others around. She never got to have that conversation.

“I feel like there was something bothering him,” she said. “I just can’t imagine that he would willingly go this long without contacting anyone.”

Neyman said they do not know if he has been gone this long because he wishes to be or because he is unable to contact anyone. But she has been putting in the legwork to look for him, speaking with members of the unhoused community and inquiring at the downtown Sheetz.

“I’ve went to the Bartlett House and the Hope House, the Salvation Army kitchen. I’ve went to a couple places where there are homeless camps – I’ve went there looking for him. I’ve talked to several people that have said ‘talk to this person or that person.'”

No one who knew him has seen him past the date of Jan. 14.

A few people have told her they may have seen him walking but cannot say for sure.

Weaver’s family reported him missing to the Westover Police Department on Feb. 14 and since then Officer Ben Scott has been investigating.

Westover Police Chief Joe Adams said Scott has been actively checking local shelters, Health Right, area homeless camps and a low-income housing complex on Dunkard Avenue. Scott also had flyers printed that he has been distributing to various bars in the area. A social media post is expected to be on the Westover Police Department Facebook page by Saturday morning.

At this time, Adams said they do not believe there is any foul play involved in Weaver’s disappearance.

Neyman said Weaver has a tattoo of an angel on the left side of his chest over his heart and he looks very different when he has grown a beard compared to his look clean shaven. Weaver is tall and has a thin build, but being 6’4” has large hands, a large presence, and is generally pretty hard to miss, to said.

Neyman explained Weaver is a private person who does not like having his photo taken, so the only picture they have of him is around 10 years old.

He does not use social media and doesn’t have a cell phone, she said.

His sister said she was hesitant to reach out to the media and make posts to social media because of how private Weaver tends to be.

“I just need to know that he is safe and that is all that matters for me,” she said. “If for some reason he is choosing to not be around – I don’t know what would have possibly triggered him to not want to speak to his family or to contact us.”

In a Facebook post regarding his disappearance she wrote, “Lil brother if this somehow reaches you, know that I spent many hours shedding tears before making this post. Forgive me, but I would not have done so if we weren’t desperately hoping for any sign that you are still alive. If you are okay, please reach out. I love you always. -Sis.”

If anyone has seen Weaver or may have information on his whereabouts, they are asked to call the Westover Police Department at 304-296-6576.