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Clothing hacks to know when shopping for kids

I love shopping for my kids clothes at Target. And that’s mostly because of the brand called Cat & Jack. The return policy for those kid clothes are nine months longer than the standard 90-day return window.

What makes it even better is that they take back used, outgrown, or damaged clothes for that entire time period. Yup, you read that right. Your kids can outgrow their Cat & Jack pants and they can be returned to Target within a year of purchase.

For those of you who don’t know, Cat & Jack is a Target-owned brand of affordable apparel and accessories for kids and babies. It launched in stores and online in 2016. The clothing line is super cute and has a ton of variety and options to pick from for both girls and boys.

I remember when I learned about this return policy, I thought there was absolutely no way that it actually worked.

But, I bagged up clothes that my toddler had outgrown and headed to Target to find out. I took the bag to the customer service desk and said that I had heard I could return the Cat & Jack clothes and shoes and wanted to know if that was true. To my surprise they said yes!

So, what are the stipulations for returning clothes and shoes? There is really only one. You have to have a receipt or the Target Circle App that keeps orders and receipts on your account. Other than that, the store team can advise you if any of the clothes are too worn out or anything that would make an item ineligible for returning.

I did not run into a problem of them not taking clothes or shoes. I took outgrown clothes, pants with holes in the knees, dirt-stained pants and worn-out shoes. They took them all.

They issued me a merchandise card for the money I was being returned. I turned right back around and used that card to buy new clothes for my toddler, but you definitely could use it on any purchase in Target.

One thing that I have read online about this return policy, is that Target might soon stop accepting clothes that your child has simply out-grown. So, be aware of that possibility if you return anything.

This is such a great hack for families of all sizes looking for savings. A great thing to keep in mind for back-to-school clothes every year and new clothes when the seasons change.

I hope this info helps all you mamas save some money. Happy shopping!

ANN BURNS is a Morgantown native, raising two young children with her husband, Drake. She writes weekly columns for The Dominion Post. Contact her at