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Warm weather streak uncommon for February

If you have ventured outside over the last few weeks, you may have noticed the unseasonably warm weather we have been having. 

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines said so far during the month of February, temperatures have been averaging 13.5 degrees above normal for this time of year. 

Looking back over the past three weeks to Jan. 23, which followed an intense cold period, Kines said temperatures have averaged 15 degrees above normal. 

“That is so, so significant to have a three-week period with temperatures averaging that much above normal. It’s just crazy. It doesn’t happen very often,” he said. 

Kines said the warmer weather, to an extent, is typical for an El Nino weather pattern, which is the pattern we are experiencing.

However, while above-average temperatures are fairly common when you have an El Nino winter pattern, 15 degrees above normal isn’t typical, he explained. 

“Even in the upper Midwest and central Canada, where we frequently get our cold air in the wintertime — even those places have been way above normal temperature-wise. Until those places start to cool down to below normal, we’re not going to be below normal.” 

So, it looks like the warmer streak will continue this week with what Kines described as “generally quiet weather.”  

At least for the next week or so, there’s no sign of any extreme cold heading our way. 

Tuesday evening there might be a snow shower, he said, but it looks dry otherwise so we shouldn’t expect much accumulation despite overnight temperatures possibly dropping into the lower 20s. 

Wednesday should be a dry day as well. Kines predicts there will likely be more clouds than sun with temperatures getting into the lower 40s. 

Thursday should be a milder day with a shot at the lower 50s. We may see a shower or two at different times during the day, but nothing of significance, he said. 

Finishing out the week, Friday should be partly sunny, but Kines said it might be a little chillier with temperatures in the upper 30s, maybe 40 degrees for a high. 

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