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Feb. 4 letters to the editor

Watchful eyes on worldwide elections

The world is going to witness elections on a mass scale. Half the world’s population — about 4 billion people from more than 60 countries, 40 democracies — will be heading to polls and, with two ongoing wars, 2024 will be a historical time: one that is central for U.S. leadership and a test for democracy in the world. Elections are important even for dictators. But the one that is crucial to world politicians is the U.S. election.

Globally, strong leaders are trying to emerge by undermining the guiding principles of democracy. An election must be free and fair at the same time. Democratic institutions like the media and judiciary that function as watchdogs must be protected. Voting is a method to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the government. Democracy is a collective responsibility. Whoever ascends to the leadership in the U.S. bears the burden of keeping the White House in order, as well as managing the fractious global order. Our European allies are nervous about the U.S. presidential election, and its aftermath, on world stability. International policies hinge on our election outcome.

Political distortions by eminent politicians are rampant. Trying to normalize Jan. 6 events does not show patriotism, but pushes the country down dangerous roads.

With wars waging and other security concerns flaring, America needs to concentrate and function as one voice on all fronts.

After years of focusing on immigration policies, a bipartisan bill is on the horizon and cannot be ignored. It is high time our elected representatives work for the electorate and not to further personal and political agendas. Democrats have a clear agenda on economics, immigration and other common issues.

The right leadership and right policies are crucial. They will have a tremendous political, economic and strategic impact and pave the way for a global path to peace.

Vote for a leader who understands and implements the right values and right decisions from a global perspective — including climate change, as the future and nature are intertwined.

Syamala Jagannathan