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Nine arrested during multi-location drug bust

Nine people were taken into custody Monday following a multi-location drug bust coordinated by the Mon Metro Drug Task Force. Large amounts of drugs, money and firearms were recovered during the effort.

Throughout December 2023, investigators with the task force received multiple tips regarding a coordinated drug trafficking operation in the Morgantown area. According to reports from Task Force Officer Mark Trump, all the sources said Damir A. Swann, 28, of Clinton Township, Mich. (a suburb of Detroit), was involved in a conspiracy to sell drugs. The sources said Swann and his group were “well armed and went above and beyond to use their firearms to protect their drugs and money.”

Investigators found evidence that Swann led a group of at least four other males from the Detroit area and two females from the Mansfield, Ohio, area.

Robert Crawford, 26; Jajuan Odum, 26; Darnell Spearman, 18; and Juan Patterson were identified as the males from Detroit.  Kenietha Sandra Cason, 21, and Shdiamond Adams, 19, were identified as the females from Mansfield, Ohio, according to Trump’s report.

Swann and Patterson were allegedly both fugitives from the state of Ohio for felony related drug crimes involving fentanyl and were listed as armed and dangerous.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Cason rented 220 E. Brockway Avenue Apt. 2 and Adams rented 222 E. Brockway Avenue Apt 1, in Morgantown — according to Google maps, these are the apartment buildings directly across from the car wash. These apartments were allegedly used to store drugs, money and firearms for Swann’s group.

They also identified Rebekah Rosalyn Feict, 47, of Morgantown, who rented 320 Pennsylvania Avenue Apt. 8 (which Google maps pictures as the low building at the dead end of Pennsylvania near the intersection with Pietro Street) and Emily Nicole McHenry, 34, of Morgantown, who rented 755 Garrison Avenue (located off Snider Street). Investigators allege Feicht and McHenry allowed Swann and his group to use their apartments as places to “set up shop” and meet with drug customers.

Throughout January, the task force conducted seven controlled purchases of either fentanyl or methamphetamine from the group.  During those meetings, Trump stated, investigators obtained evidence that the group possessed more than a pound of fentanyl at a time and often used Airbnbs or homes that can be rented for short-term lodging as places to stay, meet certain customers and store drugs, money and firearms.

During these controlled purchases, Trump reported that Swann, Patterson, Crawford, Odum, Spearman, Cason and Feicht were all directly involved in the distribution of fentanyl or methamphetamine.

Further evidence was obtained on Jan. 25 after members of the group checked out of an Airbnb on Flatts Lane in Morgantown and left approximately 2 ounces of fentanyl — worth around $6,000 — inside the residence.

Based on the evidence, task force members were granted search warrants for five separate locations in Monongalia County.

The morning of Jan. 29, the five warrants were served by members of the task force, Morgantown Police Department, West Virginia State Police and West Virginia University Police Department.

During a search of 541 Rockley Road, located off of Tyrone Road, police found Swann and Patterson.  Trump said the two men jumped out of a window and fled but were captured after a foot chase.  Swann allegedly had a “substantial amount” of cash in his hand when he was captured.

Inside the Rockley Road residence, several ounces of fentanyl and methamphetamine were seized as well as multiple bundles of currency on the suspects and throughout the house.  At least three loaded handguns were also recovered, according to Trump’s report.

At the 222 E. Brockway Avenue apartment rented by Adams, law enforcement allegedly found Odum along with several ounces of fentanyl, bulk cash and items used to prepackage substances for retail level sales.

Inside Cason’s apartment at 220 E. Brockway Avenue investigators encountered Cason and Adams.  They allegedly recovered approximately three ounces of fentanyl, materials to prepackage substances for retail sale, bulk cash and around nine firearms.  Swann’s Michigan identification card was also observed in Cason’s bedroom.

A search of Feicht’s apartment at 320 Pennsylvania Avenue led to the discovery of Feicht and a notepad allegedly used as a ledger to document money owed for certain amounts of controlled substances.  Trump reported the ledger had specific amounts of money owed for methamphetamine and the corresponding weight of the substance.  It also indicated an amount of cash owed to Crawford.

The fifth warrant was for 755 Garrison Ave., where McHenry was found.  During that search, law enforcement allegedly recovered around an ounce of fentanyl.

Eight of the nine suspects were arraigned in Monongalia County Magistrate Court starting Monday afternoon. Patterson had yet to be arraigned as of Tuesday afternoon, according to court records.

Swann, Spearman and Crawford are each charged with two counts of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.  Their bonds were set at $500,000 each.

Adams, Cason, Odum and McHenry are each charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.  Bonds for Adams, Cason and Odum were set at $500,000. McHenry’s was set at $50,000.

Feicht is charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.  Her bond is $50,000.

The group is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail.  They are scheduled for preliminary hearings starting Feb. 7.

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