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Want to see Tom Bloom get mayo-ed?

As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.      And Mon County Commissioner Tom Bloom may just get his wish for $10,000 for Pantry Plus More — but it’ll come at a personal cost.

As a reward for the WVU Mountaineers winning the Duke’s Mayo Bowl on Dec. 27, Coach Neal Brown graciously agreed to get 4.5 gallons of mayonnaise dumped over his head in exchange for a $10,000 donation to a charity of his choice — and he chose Pantry Plus More.

Afterward, Bloom — one of the pantry’s co-founders — said, on the record, “For that kind of money for Pantry Plus More, I’d take a bath in mayonnaise any day.”

And the Pantry Plus board of directors took his wish — and perhaps unintended offer — to heart.

The pantry set up a fundraiser on Facebook: “Tom Bloom said he would take a mayo bath if we could raise another $10,000 — so brace yourselves for the ultimate mayo plunge … Love him or spread mayo on him, it’s all for the Pantry Plus More! Let’s make him the dip-ster he never knew he wanted to be!”

Bloom, for his part, has taken the whole thing in stride. His only request is that football players and frequent volunteers Garrett Greene and Nick Malone be the ones to do the honors.

We applaud the Pantry’s clever campaign, and we appreciate Bloom’s good humor about it all.

Above all, we hope the community steps up to help the pantry reach its $10,000 goal — even if it’s just to see Bloom get covered in edible, off-white goop. (And please, for the love of all things Almost Heaven, leave the pepperoni rolls out of this.)

The fundraiser ends in nine days. For details and to donate, visit Pantry Plus More’s Facebook page.