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MUB, Cheat View PSD seek PSC approval for MUB to acquire Cheat View

MORGANTOWN — After receiving Monongalia County Commission approval earlier this month, Morgantown Utility Board and Cheat View Public Service District jointly applied this week for Public Service Commission approval of consolidating Cheat View’s waterworks system into MUB’s.

As previously reported, Cheat View reached out to MUB after two of its longtime leaders, Glenn Staddon and Allen Colebank, passed away in 2023.

MUB General Manager Mike McNulty said Dec. 6, when the County Commission gave its approval, that the merger represents the natural next step in a relationship that stretches back more than 20 years.

“We already do the billing, collecting, meter reading,” he said. “We did a lot of maintenance out in the service territory, and 80% of those customers are already our customers. They’re our wastewater customers. So, this is a great opportunity for everyone.”

The two utilities set the formal PSC process in motion in May, by jointly seeking an Operating and Maintenance Agreement, allowing MUB to assume all operations of Cheat View’s system. The PSC approved the agreement on Oct. 20.

This week’s filing shows that MUB serves about 27,800 customers throughout Mon County while Cheat View serves about 4,300 Cheat Lake-area customers.

Cheat View’s system is contiguous with MUB’s, and since 2014, MUB has provided billing, meter reading and collection services to the PSD. MUB supplies treated water to Cheat View for resale to its customers.

The utilities noted that the O&M agreement is to remain in place until the consolidation.

Under the terms of the O&M Agreement, MUB assumed full responsibility for all operations of the District’s Waterworks System.

The District has no outstanding bond-related debt and as previously reported, the consolidation will have no impact on ratepayers.

Upon closing of the consolidation, Cheat View’s assets will become the property of MUB.

They list a couple advantages to the merger. One, it will “promote increased efficiency in the operation of the water services throughout Monongalia County, ensure appropriate continued maintenance of water facilities, provide the wherewithal to improve current service systems and create appropriate conditions and capacity for the expected continued growth in service needs in the area.”

And two, MUB will be in a position to make improvements and upgrades to better operate Cheat View’s system. “Through MUB’s proven and experienced management team, it will be in a position to ensure the continued viability of the district’s waterworks system.”


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