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Meet Nevelyn Flemming: Mon Schools’ first-ever Student of the Month

Nevelyn Flemming isn’t one to brag, but she is a pretty big deal in Monongalia County’s school district these days.

That’s because the third-grader at Suncrest Elementary is the only one of her kind right now.

“At least we think so,” Superintendent Eddie Campbell Jr. said.

Nevelyn holds the distinction of being October’s Student of the Month for Mon Schools.

Make that, the first-ever Student of the Month for Mon Schools — for this October, or any October.

The district launched the inaugural promotion a couple of weeks back.

“Our schools, of course, always do their own Student of the Month honors, but we’re pretty sure it’s never been done on the district level,” he said. “We did ask around.”

Campbell huddled with Teresa Nass, the district’s communications director, to come up with the idea.

Principals got together and wrote the capsules that were part of the nominating process, Nass said.

Students from every school in the county will be spotlighted, the communications director said.

Part of Nevelyn’s recognition included a short interview with Campbell that is currently featured on the district’s website at

The superintendent tried to pave the way before the “record” button was pressed.

“Now, you’re gonna talk to me, right?” he asked, with good humor, as he tried to quell any kid-nerves that might have been present.

Turns out, he didn’t have to worry.

Talk, Nevelyn did.

She told the superintendent about her two favorite subjects (science and reading), what she likes most about school (getting to socialize with her friends) and what she wants to be when she grows up (a veterinarian).

“How do you feel about being named the Student of the Month — the first ever?”

“It’s amazing.”

“What do you think makes you such an outstanding student?”

“Well, I keep my desk clean and I walk in the hallways.” (Meaning, she doesn’t run in the hallways).

Campbell said the idea behind the new promotion is to give positive attention to the students who are out there daily, being diligent about turning in their homework on time and following school rules.

Why is it important, the superintendent wondered, to go to class every day?

“So when you get older, you can have a house and you can get a job,” came Nevelyn’s reply.

The superintendent: “I couldn’t have said that better, myself.”

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