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Kingwood Council learns of closing trailer park

KINGWOOD — Members of Kingwood City Council held a short meeting Tuesday evening.

Amy DeBerry, Kingwood Sewer Board clerk, updated council about the surcharge that would be added to the bills of those not complying with I & I repair.

The individuals were given 90 days to begin repairs.

“We sent out certified letters in June and the majority of the people complied. The next step is a surcharge.” DeBerry said.

She noted that she had discussed the matter with the sewer board’s attorney. DeBerry said the town ordinance gives the city police department the right to issue citations. She said a citation can be issued every 24 hours the I & I repair is not completed.

“That’s the law. I don’t want to do it but that’s the next step,” DeBerry said. “The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) ruled years ago that cities had to do this or face a hefty fine and build a pond that would cost more that $1 million dollars if it’s (I & I) not eliminated by the date set by the DEP. We got an extension on it.”

DeBerry said the individuals who are repairing their systems will not have to pay the surcharge. She said the ones not responding were sent letters in June and given 90 days to make repairs.

In other business, council members voted unanimously to allow Richard Swecker to conduct a one-man demonstration to bring attention to the closing of the Indian Rock Trailer Park.

“My heart is heavy for the residents of Indian Rock Trailer Park. A human tragedy is occurring in our neighborhood, and it’s affecting many people and their children.” he said. “A lady who lives there said the people are moving out. Another resident said I don’t know what to do.”

Swecker said another resident said the trailer park is closing and they’re not sure why. He said another one said the owners did not pay their taxes.

“Many of these people cannot afford to move. They need our help, but few are aware of this tragedy,” he said. “I spoke on Friday with county Commissioner Hunter Thomas. He said he was not aware of the problem. I’m asking the leadership of Preston County to step up and act on behalf of the children. They need our help, and anything that you can do will be appreciated.”

Council members asked Park and Recreation Director Kevin Stiles to get a quote for fencing along W.Va. 7 at Brown’s Park, and at West Point Park, where residents have left personal items.

Councilman Bill Robertson suggested sending a letter and giving the residents 10 days to remove the items before hauling them away.

Mayor Jean Guillot swore in the city’s new police chief, Jason Stewart.

The next meeting of the Kingwood City Council will be at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 23.