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WVU student wants to test drinking water storage tanks

KINGWOOD — A West Virginia University civil and environmental engineering master’s student said she will take water samples from the city’s drinking water distribution system storage tanks, if the state will cover her liability insurance.

Eva Bridges said the study will look at the microbial community within the tanks. The focus will be on the relevance of microbial communities associated with tank sediment in driving water quality.

“We’re looking at taking samples from the top, middle and bottom of each tank,” Bridges said. “About a liter from each level.”

She said she would like to collect four rounds of samples over the next year, using a bacon bomb sampler. A bacon bomb sampler is a device used to obtain samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums.

“On site we’ll measure some physicochemical water parameters — pH, temperature, conductivity, total chlorine and turbidity,” Bridges said. “Sediment samples will be collected depending on the tank cleaning schedule or with a dredge.”

She said the following analysis of the water will be done at WVU.

Board President Robert DeRiggi said the board would want to coordinate the taking of samples. He said the board would also have to have proof that WVU was covering the insurance in case of an accident.

“We would probably have her sign a waver too,” he said.

In other business, DeRiggi said a letter was received from the town of Terra Alta thanking employee Emilio Dupont for his assistance with a fire hydrant in front of the school.

The board approved 5leak adjustment requests.

The next meeting of the Kingwood Water Board will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 19.