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Bliss Bliss Bliss studio stays true to yoga’s inclusive ideal

There is a saying in the yoga community: “Yoga is for everybody”— regardless of age, physical ability, body size or fitness level. A noble goal, but some studios hit the mark better than others.

Once, when traveling, I attended a class that seemed pretty standard based on the description I read on the website. In reality, it featured strobe lights, loud electronic music and a series of movements so far beyond my abilities that I limped the whole weekend. Not exactly the relaxing experience I had hoped for.

Bliss Bliss Bliss, located at 3101 About Town Place just off of Green Bag Road, embodies the spirit of “yoga is for everybody” very well. The teachers I have encountered are genuinely accepting of different abilities. The schedule is rich with classes with names like Slow Flow, Yoga for Beginners, Restorative Yoga and Gentle Yoga, so you won’t think you accidentally crashed a rave. As another added bonus, the yoga classes here are among the most affordable in Morgantown. Drop-in classes are $15, and an eight-class punch card can bring the individual class rate to under $11. In a world where some studios charge $20 or even more per class, Bliss’ price structure helps make yoga practice accessible to a broader range of income levels.

There are many more relaxation services on offer at Bliss Bliss Bliss, including massage therapy, meditation, Reiki and aromatherapy. There is also retail therapy available in the gift shop, which stocks essential oils, incense, crystals, jewelry and more.

At Bliss Bliss Bliss, the focus isn’t on burning calories or getting toned arms. The collective states on its website (, “our philosophy is all about the invitation to relax … we focus on creating a calm and inviting space that supports personal care and well-being.”

That is something our community needs more of right now.

EVA MURPHY is a freelance business writer for The Dominion Post. She writes a column on businesses, churches and other entities in the city.