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Glass Factory has new tenant

’Tis the season for something brewed. Whether your preferred beverage is coffee, tea or craft beer, Stone Tower Brews in Star City has got you covered.

The company has expanded quickly in recent years. It has its roots at Stone Tower Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee purveyor in Fairmont that proclaims an “uncompromising obsession” with the fruit (yes, it is a fruit) of the coffee plant. “Our aim is to source, roast and brew the best coffee possible while sharing that great coffee with great people,” reads the roastery’s website. In 2018, Stone Tower opened a coffee shop/cafe/pub in Buckhannon, then spread to Bridgeport and, most recently, to Star City — where it opened in May.

The new location serves Stone Tower’s signature coffees and a rotating menu of seasonal beverages like Pumpkin Cheesecake Latte and Campfire Mocha. All-day breakfast offerings include chicken ’n’ waffles and breakfast tacos. There are more hearty lunch or dinner options on the menu as well. For the after-work crowd, there are craft beers made in West Virginia, including High Ground Brewing, Short Story, Big Timber and Stumptown Ales.

Stone Tower Brews found a home in the Glass Factory on University Avenue. The building was designed to honor Star City’s industrial past, which fits the vibe of Stone Tower’s other locations. The location is also convenient for commuting workers who want to grab a caffeinated beverage before a shift. The interior is even more spacious than it appears from the outside and features many comfortable seating options, from wingback chairs to high-top tables. Soaring ceilings, house plants and a small gallery space that showcases the work of Eddie Spaghetti and other local creatives make the cafe a joy to visit.

It will appeal to the remote work crowd seeking a change of milieu from their makeshift office space set up amidst piles of unfolded laundry. I speak from experience.

EVA MURPHY is a freelance business writer for The Dominion Post. She writes a column on businesses, churches and other entities in the city.