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Council asked to consider a committee to continue Blueprint Communities activities

KINGWOOD — The Blueprint Communities Program is wrapping up its efforts in Preston County, according to Kathy Mace.

Mace asked Kingwood City Council members to endorse the appointment of a committee to continue activities started by the program.

There are currently 11 individuals willing to work on the events and Mace said she is interested in getting more members for the committee.

The activities include Business Halloween, for which she suggested a tentative date of Oct. 30.

“I would like to propose a change. We could have business trunk-or-treats be held here at the civic center, along with the haunted tunnel,” Mace said. “There could still be door-to-door trick-or-treating.”

In the past, children dressed up and went door-to-door at local businesses to collect treats. The haunted tunnel is an event held by the city.

Mace said a tentative date for the Christmas Parade could be Dec. 1, and businesses could be encouraged to stay open a little later than usual.

Mace said the Christmas Bazaar at the civic center could be held on Dec. 2 and a Christmas party for the kids the week after at the civic center.

She said a tentative date for the next Summerfest could be June 15.

Mace said she would like to build a partnership with local nonprofit organizations. The group is already partnered with Kingwood Parks and Recreation for the Ugly Sweater Run.

“We would be the Kingwood Community Engagement Activities Committee,” she said. “We would all be volunteers. But we can’t move forward unless the city is willing to endorse us so we can solicit more

Councilman Mike Lipscomb said he gave his blessing for the committee and all other councilors agreed.

No other decisions were made about times and dates for the events.

In other business, Councilwoman Karen Kurilko said the Kingwood Public Library was closed July 24-28 while a secondary pump was being dug out from under the elevator. She said the library reopened Monday.

“They are waiting for a new pump to be installed and it should be in by mid-September. Once it’s installed, the elevator will be up and running again,” Kurilko said.

Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Stiles said the civic center parking lot and the basketball court have been sealed. He said the Brown’s Park parking lot was also paved.

Stiles said the pool will remain open through Labor Day.

Police Chief Charley Haney told council members radio equipment for the cruisers will be installed Aug. 21. He said employee hours have been modified to provide later police coverage evenings and weekends. Haney said he is also making a list of junk cars and lots that need to be mowed.

The next meeting of the Kingwood City Council will be 6:30 p.m. Aug. 22.