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Kingwood has two applicants for police chief position

KINGWOOD — Kingwood City Council has received two applications for Chief of Police, according to acting chief Charlie Haney.

Haney retired as Kingwood Chief of Police in May 2021 when Doug Montague took over as interim chief. Haney was with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department for 32 years, starting as a jailer/dispatcher, and retiring after serving as chief deputy. After his retirement, he worked for about two years with the WVU Police.

Haney told council members the city’s new cruiser was delivered Friday and is waiting for radios and equipment to be installed. He said decals for the vehicle are still pending.

Haney also noted that Taser training for city officers is scheduled for next week.

The Blueprint Communities Program is wrapping up its effort in Preston County, according to Kathy Mace.

Mace told council members there are eight individuals who would help city workers with Halloween, Christmas and Summerfest activities.

She asked council members if they would be interested in forming a committee of volunteers who could work with them on community programs and events.

“I came to ask if you would be interested in working with some volunteers,” she said. “We would like to get a lot more nonprofits involved in the events,” Mace said. “We would like to keep those three events going.”

She said Blueprint is using some of its funds to rent a storage building and everything has been moved out one of the city offices the organization was using.

“There is a lot of stuff there. Things you might be able to use or other nonprofits might be able to use,” she said.

Mayor Jean Guillot said he would “run it by” the city’s attorney.

No further action was taken.

Also speaking was Michael Neel. Neel said he was attending the meeting to answer questions about an affidavit he presented to council members earlier in the day. Neel said in the future, rather than speaking at council meetings he would present council members affidavits.

His affidavit of notice listed failure of Kingwood City Council and the mayor to meet reasonable expectations for paid public servants.

Council members acknowledged receiving the affidavit, and Guillot asked Neel if he would like to speak before council moved to the next item on the agenda. Neel declined the offer.

In other business, Councilwoman Karen Kurilko said progress is being made in the repair of the Kingwood Public Library.

“Most of the work is completed on the elevator and right now they are waiting for sealant. They are starting to move stuff downstairs, and are planning to enlarge the parking lot,” she said.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel. No action was taken.