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Kingwood Sewer Board hears updates on projects, funding ideas

KINGWOOD — Members of the Kingwood Sanitary Sewer Board received an update about the Crogan Lift and Miller/Pleasant Project during their Monday evening meeting.

Eleni Knight, an engineer from Civil & Environmental Consultants (CEC), recommended the board borrow the $2,500,000 for the Miller/Pleasant project and keep the $1,600,000 of grant money in reserve in case there are additional costs.

“If we don’t have to use the money when the project is complete it can be used to pay on the loan,” she said.

She said bids for the project have to be out by the December 2024, and right of ways obtained by November 2024.

When completed, the project will add 46 new customers and remove the remaining 40 grinder pumps from the system.

In other business, Knight said the Crogan Lift Station extension was more than halfway complete. She said, however, Recorder Bill Livengood would not sign the right of way unless nine trees on his property were removed, and an additional manhole added.

“The contractor cut trees and added an a second manhole,” she said “It cost $9,000 to cut the 9 trees and add the manhole.”

Board member Randy Plum indicated the board did not know additional work was being done.

“We’re supposed to be helpful, but I wish we had had some discussion before that was done,” he said.
“But I guess it’s over.”

Robertson said the trees had to be removed so the line could go in. His wife said those taken down included two crab apple trees.

“We stood at our window and watched them remove the one crab apple tree,” she said.

Robertson said he knew nothing about a second manhole being added to his property.

The next meeting of the Kingwood Sewer Board will be 2:30 p. m. July 11.