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Man arrested for alleged identity theft scheme

A New Jersey man was arrested in Star City earlier this week after police received information about an alleged identity theft scheme. 

According to a criminal complaint filed by Star City Police Chief Jessica Colebank, her department received a call from a Texas resident who stated his identity had been used to create a fictitious AT&T online account that was then used to purchase an Apple iPad Pro, valued at about $1,400, on a monthly payment plan. 

Delivery of the iPad had been scheduled for June 6 to a residence on Crawford Avenue in Star City in the name of the victim. The victim confirmed they had no ties to the Crawford Avenue address. 

On June 6, Colebank waited outside the delivery residence and upon delivery, confirmed it was the correct package through FedEx. She also observed the package was placed inside the screen door at the front entrance. 

A short time later, a man later identified as Diogenes Y Chal Reyes, 31, of Jersey City, N.J., arrived in a black BMW sedan. Colebank watched as Reyes went to the front door, knocked several times, then opened the screen door and took the package. 

Colebank performed a traffic stop on the BMW shortly after leaving the residence and observed the package on the front passenger seat. 

Reyes allegedly told Colebank he came to pick up the package for his friend in Pennsylvania named “William” but stated he did not know his friend William’s last name. William, Colebank noted, is the first name of the victim and was the name on the package. 

Reyes stated that he was going to receive $300 from his alleged friend when he brought the package to him in Pennsylvania. 

Colebank contacted the victim who confirmed he did not know Reyes and did not authorize the use of his name or identifying information to open any accounts or purchase any items on his behalf. 

Reyes is charged with identity theft and theft of services. He was arraigned in Monongalia County Magistrate Court before Judge Ron Bane, who set bond at $20,000. 

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