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Intermed Labs deal with Premier opens sales doors for SNAPS Eyeshield

MORGANTOWN – An innovative post-surgical eye shield developed at Intermed Labs at Mon Health will see new market prospects, as Intermed has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for ophthalmology products with Premier, Inc.

Effective July 1, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for SNAPS Eyeshield.

“We are thrilled to be working with Premier to make our SNAPS Eyeshield easily accessible to more patients,” said Joe Duda, SNAPS CEO.

Premier is a healthcare improvement company with an alliance of 4,400 U.S. hospitals and health systems and 250,000 other providers and organizations. It offers integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, group purchasing, supply chain solutions, consulting and other services.

Intermed Labs kits SNAPS components into one usable unit and then offers the product for sale in packages of 25. A 25-count package lists for just under $100 and can supply 25 patients surgeries. Patients and providers can learn more at

Duda previously told The Dominion Post that eye shields are plastic or other materials but are fixed on the face with tape. They’re needed following cataract, retina, lasik and reconstruction surgeries.

Taping a shield on poses several problems, he said. It occludes air flow, needed to help healing. It has to be removed to examine the eye or apply medications, which may need to be done several times a day. And existing shields have sharp edges that dig into the skin, causing irritation.

“The unique things about SNAPS,” he said, “is the adhesive anchors that are used.” They’re modeled after cardiac leads, but smaller. No tape is needed. SNAPS is transparent and has air holes for ventilation and is easily hinged open and rotated for an exam or medication application. And it sits up just off the skin so it doesn’t dig in or irritate.

SNAPS is packaged with multiple adhesive tabs to be replaced for patients wearing it for longer periods.

David Goldberg, president and CEO of Mon Health System and executive vice president of Vandalia Health, commented, “This will open doors for more healthcare providers to access the SNAPS Eyeshield, designed to prioritize patient comfort in post-op recovery.”

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