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Meeting date set to discuss PSD 1, Newburg project

KINGWOOD — A tentative meeting between Preston County commissioners, PSD1 and the town of Newburg has been set for 10:30 a.m. June 21.

The meeting is to discuss an ongoing project by the town of Newburg and a new project by PSD 1 regarding project boundaries. It will be held in the commission meeting room.

The area to be discussed is along the Independence Road.

Region VI Director Sheena Hunt said she talked to both Newburg Mayor Edgar Fortney and Cullen Cutright, Thrasher project engineer for PSD 1, and is in favor of a work session.

Cutright told commissioners the area PSD1 has adjusted its project map to go around the Newburg project.

“We took Newburg’s map and we want to come down and pick up where they leave off,” he said.
“They are going outside their official project.”

Earlier, Fortney said there are only three homes on Independence Road that PSD 1 can pick up. He said the remainder are part of the Newburg project. Fortney said Newburg stopped at the old Independence school, but plans to continue as soon as earmarked funds for the project are released.

“We have $2 million earmarked from McKinley’s office for the project, and the county commission gave us another $200,000,” Fortney said. “Sheena Hunt is working to get the funds released so we can continue.”

“Newburg has worked for many years on this project,” Commission President Samantha Stone said. “We want to make sure everyone has access to water.”

No further action was taken.

In other business, Joe Larew, county facilities manager, said work on the little bathroom used by inmates has been completed. Work on the courthouse is also complete.

Council also accepted a bid of $107,889 from H.G. Newman to replace the existing chiller system (indoor and outdoor sections) at the courthouse. H.G. Newman was the lowest qualified bidder.

Larew said the low bidder wouldn’t submit a scope of work. H.G. Newman was the second lowest bidder.
Tire amnesty will be held June 1 at the old Preston Memorial Hospital lot.

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) has open seats on the board, including one for education. Anyone interested in serving can call the EDA at 304-329-2299.

The next meeting of the Preston County Commission will be 9:30 a.m. June 14.