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Mon Commission provides funding for Little Creek PSD project

MORGANTOWN — Some current and future customers of the Little Creek Public Service District living in Monongalia County are getting assistance from the Monongalia County Commission. 

The commission approved $51,621.95 on Wednesday to be split among the placement of four new fire hydrants ($27,621.95) and 12 new residential water service hookups ($24,000). 

Little Creek PSD is located on Opekiska Road in Marion County and has a Fairmont address. 

Even so, an estimated 600 of Little Creek’s 943 customers are residents of Monongalia County, according to a representative of the district. 

Bradley Pigott, of George E. Pigott & Associates, is the district’s project engineer. 

He explained the new hydrants will be located at the intersection of Halleck and Gillespie roads and along Gillespie Road, where the majority of the homes are located. Hydrants will also be placed near the pump station servicing the extension area and in the Michael Development. 

“The commission regularly entertains proposals from PSDs to provide hydrants in areas of the county where they are needed to better serve our citizens; to help reduce insurance rates for those citizens in the area; and to ultimately help response times and emergency services that are needed in those areas,” Commissioner Sean Sikora said. 

 In other news from Wednesday’s meeting, Sikora said sales tax collections in the University Town Centre Economic Opportunity Development District came in at right around $1.4 million for April. 

 That, he explained, the highest amount generated in the 77 months the district has been in existence. 

“This year’s collections, we have one more month left and we’ve already exceeded last year’s collections by $1.2M. Last year we collected $9.5 million. This year we project to hit $11.7 million,” Sikora said, noting seven of the top 10 collection months in the district’s history have come in the current fiscal year. 

“The district is strong and performing very well,” he said. 

Sales taxes collected in the district return to the district and are used to pay down bonds issued to finance the construction of the district’s infrastructure. 

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