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Two Pennsylvania men arrested for attempting to steal items from local Walmart

Granville Police arrested two men after Walmart asset protection employees caught them attempting to push loaded shopping carts out of the store without paying on March 23. 

According to one of the criminal complaints, Ronald John Stotka III, 26, of Markleysburg, Pa., was seen by employees leaving the University Town Centre Walmart without paying for a cart full of merchandise.  

Granville officers reported Stotka could also be seen on security footage selecting items totaling $1,421.06 and then attempting to leave. 

When Stotka was approached by Walmart staff after passing the last point of sale, he allegedly abandoned the cart short of the exit and attempted to run from the store. 

Employees were able to direct officers to Stotka’s gold Mazda, where he was taken into custody. 

The same day, a second male, Joshua Dean Snyder, 41, of Connellsville, Pa., was also accused of attempting to steal merchandise from the same Walmart. 

According to a second criminal complaint, Snyder was also seen by asset protection employees attempting to push a cart full of merchandise worth $1,317.88 out of the store without paying. 

Snyder allegedly fled the scene in a silver sedan with no license plate; however, officers were able to locate him, and he was taken into custody. 

Had the two men been successful in their attempts, the amount of goods stolen would have met the level of grand larceny. Both are being charged with attempting to commit a felony. 

Stotka and Snyder were sent to North Central Regional Jail. Stotka’s bond was set at $40,000 and Snyder’s at $25,000. Both men await preliminary hearings within the week. 

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