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Suspect in PA cop shooting was former Morgantown High student


The man accused of killing a police chief and injuring another officer in a shooting near Pittsburgh was formerly a student at Morgantown High School, where he was arrested and charged with threatening a teacher nearly a decade ago.

Aaron Lamont Swan, Jr, 28, was the suspect in a fatal shooting Monday in Allegheny County, PA that left Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire dead and injured Officer Jordan Schrecengost of the Tarentum Police Department.

Brackenridge, PA Police Chief Justin McIntire was shot and killed by Aaron Swan, Jr during a chase on Monday. Swan was a former student at Morgantown High School.

Police shot and killed Swan after a chase through Pittsburgh that ended when Swan crashed a stolen vehicle, tried to flee on foot and exchanged gunfire with officers.

Swan was wanted on a probation violation.

Nearly a decade ago, Swan was student at Morgantown High School. In 2012, he was arrested and charged with Disturbing School and Assault on a School Employee. According to a police report, Swan had been involved in several disruptive and defiant incidents with a teacher at Morgantown High. He was informed by then-Assistant Principal Dawna Hicks that he was being suspended from school due to the incidents and he was not to have any contact with the teacher or even be on the third floor of the school where the teacher’s classroom was located.

On Oct. 26, 2012, the teacher called another student, who happened to be in the presence of Swan, into her classroom. The report stated that Swan approached the classroom and refused to leave the area. He told the teacher that “God was going to make her pay,” and repeatedly threatened that “I will make you suffer.”

The teacher called for assistance and set off the “panic” button in their classroom. The teacher told police she was concerned for her safety and for her pregnancy.

After the confrontation with the teacher, Swan was taken to the assistant principal’s office where he was disruptive and combative with police and refused an order to leave school premises. He was eventually escorted off school property by police and later charged with the two counts.

Allegheny County Police are still investigating the Monday incident.