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Dogs make out like bandits this Christmas

Katie McDowell

As the rest of the world — the holiday-celebrating portion of it, anyway — busily works to scratch names and tasks off their lists, I’m winding down from one of my fondest Christmases in memory.

While it was early, it was wonderful, full of family and thoughtful presents and (far too many) fresh, hot doughnuts.

But as delightful as it was for the humans, the real winners this year were my dogs.

Because not only did they make out like bandits — albeit adorable, furry ones — they’ve also managed to appropriate a good many of my gifts along with their own.

Between their grandparents, me and Mr. Chad, they raked in eight bags of treats, two new beds, a couple new toys and a pair of light-up LED collars.

Unsurprisingly, the treats went over well. And Tulip is a big, lazy fan of her big, fluffy bed.

The collars are a godsend for keeping us safe during nighttime potties, since Mommy’s regular dog-walk attire — a black hat, black coat, black gloves and navy blue and black boots — doesn’t exactly scream visibility in the dark.

As for the toys, Moo has yet to put his Christmas squeaky ball down. That is, save for the few moments when I’ve been forced to hide it for a just little while — to avoid a manic mental meltdown on his part, and a severe case of tinnitus on mine.

Overall, the two could not have fared better, or be more pleased with their loot.

That does not mean, however, that they haven’t come gunning for mine, as well.

Of the numerous amazing gifts Chad was kind enough to bestow upon me, one of my favorites is a plush, electric neck wrap.

Most likely designed to ease tension, he said he thought it would be perfect for me, “since you’re always cold.” Which is true — I just told my doctor the other day that the onset of menopausal hot flashes, when they happen, may mark the first time I’ll ever feel warm in my life.

I legit love this neck warmer and wear it nearly every night.

I say nearly, because since discovering its existence, I’ve been pestered to hand it over by a certain Jack Russell terrier who also loves external warmth. It is now known as the Warmie Pad and, if Moo had thumbs and could plug it in himself, I doubt I’d ever get another crack at it again.

His sister, on the other hand (paw?) has co-opted a lovely, thick London Fog blanket Chad gave me, made of the softest faux fur. No sooner do I attempt to snuggle up under it now than I get an extra 60 pounds on my lap — Tulip rolling around to feel that softness on her sensitive pittie skin (while pulling it clear off of mine).

At this rate, I figure it’s just a matter of time before I come home to see her wearing the sterling silver and 14K gold evil eye necklace Chad picked out for me, or find Moo dusting off the pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers bought to add to my collection.

And if so, that’s OK, too.

It is Christmas, after all — and joy is meant to be shared with those we love.

Even if those loved ones will shed all over it.

Katie Long McDowell is the managing editor and lifestyles writer for The Dominion Post. Email her at kmcdowell@dominionpost.com