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Nov. 20 letters to the editor

Have to give credit to Coach Neal Brown

In 1966, a certain assistant football coach at WVU took the time to stop by a small, central West Virginia town to speak to a group on a Sunday morning as he made his way back to Morgantown from a long-distance recruiting trip — no interstate highways back then.

To my best recollection, there was no top talent anywhere near that little town and nothing to be gained by the visit. I can only surmise that the visit was an example of his character and people-centeredness.

Neal Brown reminds me a lot of that young coach in the way he is creating a culture at WVU that develops and values not only the football player, but also the whole person.

The loyalty these players express for not only their brothers, but also for WVU and the people of the state of West Virginia, is an example of Coach Brown’s positive influence.

The criticism of that young coach of some 50 years ago was a mistake that should not be revisited. That coach was a man by the name of Bobby Bowden.

Steve Walker

Wiser to fix things now than pay for it later

Thoughts on the MUB flood control study (DP-11-12-22):  The analogy of game day traffic with regards to spending $30 million on storm and sanitary sewers now to handle infrequent 100-year events was interesting, but let’s carry that a step further.

I live on Popenoe Run and have experienced six “100-year” events since 1996, so these are more like “5-year” events for me.

The weather is changing. Do the math. If there were 120 (6×20) game day traffic events in Morgantown per year, I suspect there would be major road upgrades no matter the cost.

Morgantown’s storm and sanitary sewer system isn’t getting any newer.

Significant investment in this infrastructure now would seem to be wise. It will only cost more in the future.

Jim Arbogast

Not all roads treated equal.  What’s with that?

Why is it that W.Va. 7 was just repaved from the Preston/Monongalia County line to the Greer Building? There are other roads that needed it much worse. Examples: The Brookhaven Road on the Tyrone Avery side. It’s deplorable! Another one is W.Va. 72 from U.S.  50 at Macomber to downtown Rowlesburg. It’s also deplorable. It’s probably not been paved in 30 years. What’s with that?

Why is it that the green spaces beside the interstates and in the middle get cut regularly, but some roads go years without getting the weeds and brush cut? What’s with that? The Brookhaven Road wasn’t mowed for years and finally it was mowed about three weeks before the election. What’s with that?

Why is it that some roads have excessive tree canopies over them? Again, the Brookhaven Road and W.Va. 72 between the Shower Bath Road and Rowlesburg. Deplorable conditions! What’s with that? Doesn’t anyone in state government remember Hurricane Sandy from just 10 years ago?

Why is it that W.Va. 7 in Preston County got all those new curve signs? W.Va. 72 in Preston County didn’t get any. And W.Va. 7 that just got paved didn’t get any either. What’s with that? All that pretty new pavement and no new signs.

Why is it that some lime green school bus stop signs were put on W.Va. 7, but I didn’t see any on W.Va.   72 from Caddell to past Macomber? Why is that?

I travel both Mon and Preston counties almost every week. I just got back from a trip to Texas. Millions on top of millions of dollars have been spent on I-64 between Charleston and Huntington. I don’t have to question why that is!

Rick Felton