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Man arrested after threatening teen, elderly woman with knife

A Morgantown man is being held at North Central Regional Jail after he allegedly entered the residence of an elderly woman and teenage girl, threatening to kill them with a knife.

Charles Lee Dawson, 59, of Morgantown, is facing four misdemeanor charges, including brandishing a deadly weapon, domestic assault, assault and obstructing officers.

The incident began over the weekend with a call from a 13-year-old juvenile who reported that Dawson had entered her residence and “threatened to kill everyone with a long-blade knife,” according to the criminal complaint.

Officers from both the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police arrived on-scene and surrounded the Dawson Road residence.

Dawson, who was said to live beside the home, was seen inside his residence and eventually opened the front door after several announcements from police.

Officers said Dawson did not open the screen door and refused to leave the residence or keep his hands where they could be seen.

“This became an issue as the defendant was believed to have a weapon,” Trooper Barnette wrote in the report.

Barnette eventually had to grab Dawson, who continued to resist until officers got him in handcuffs.

Once Dawson was in custody, police spoke with the juvenile who said she resides in the home with another female, an elderly woman who cannot see, cannot hear and has dementia.

The teen told officers that Dawson entered the home appearing to be under the influence of narcotics and began making threats toward her and the elderly woman.

According to the complaint, she said that Dawson “displayed a long-blade knife, pointed it toward [the victims], and stated he was going to kill everyone.”

The juvenile victim said Dawson continued this behavior until she was able to escape to a bathroom to call police.

The knife that Dawson allegedly brandished was found inside his residence.

Dawson pleaded not guilty to the four charges.  He is being held on $10,000 bond.

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