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Star City Public Works employee retires after 43 years of service

Star City officials and workers gathered at Star City Town Hall Wednesday to celebrate the retirement of a long-time public works employee.

Darl Nuce, the shy retiree, said he started working for the Town of Star City public works department in 1979, with this Friday marking 43 years of service.

Nuce was all smiles as he was presented with a plaque commemorating his work over the past four decades at a luncheon Wednesday afternoon.

Star City Mayor Herman Reid said Nuce has been an invaluable employee and will certainly be missed.

Reid said Nuce was a great person to work with and always good for a laugh.

The mayor recalled a story involving a water fountain at city hall that wasn’t plugged in.

“I plugged it in and took a drink of water,” he said.  “Then I asked Darl, why is it unplugged?  Is the water OK to drink?

“He asked ‘When did you drink it?’ and I said ‘this morning,’” Reid recalled.  “[Darl] said we’ll wait two days and see.”

“He’s just been a great employee,” the mayor said.

Nuce’s co-workers also chimed in saying he was a pleasure to work with and they really learned a lot from him. Nuce kept every day interesting.

Now that he is retired, Nuce said he will spend his days helping with maintenance for some apartments his son owns.

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