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A look at campaign finances for the new 2nd Congressional District: McKinley and Mooney neck and neck

MORGANTOWN – In the Congressional battle of the Republican incumbents, Reps. Alex Mooney and David McKinley were roughly neck and neck in the campaign finance reporting period surrounding the May primary.

The vast majority of Mooney’s contributions from individuals for the period came from out of state. Over half of McKinley’s came from in-state.

The race was for the new 2nd District, covering 26 northern counties. Five Republicans and two Democrats faced off in their respective primaries.

On the GOP side, Mooney won with 45,164 votes (54.24%); followed by McKinley, 29,619 votes (35.57%); Susan Buchser-Lochocki, 3,329 (4%); Mike Seckman, 3,076 (3.69%); Rhonda Hercules, 2,083 (2.5%).

On the Democratic side, Barry Wendell won with 22,139 votes (57.07%), defeating Angela Dwyer, 16,653 votes (42.93%). Their combined votes, 38,792, didn’t equal Mooney’s.

Here is a look at their campaign finances in their FEC July Quarterly reports, covering April 21-June 30.


Mooney opened the period with $873,875.98. He received $196,836.35 from individual donors (people and businesses) and $79,675 from PACs. His operating expenditures for the period were $602,361.25.

That left his campaign fund a balance of $558,520.02 going into the next period – the October Quarterly, due Oct. 15.

Mooney’s year-to-date contributions were $1,475,582.52, plus a $2,387,350.73 transfer from other committees, including the Mooney Victory Fund. His year-to-date operating expenditures were $3,356,359.78.

Looking at contributions from individuals, we note that for all candidates, individual donors sometimes make more than one donation; we count each one, as they are listed on the FEC reports.

Mooney had 257 contributions from out of state compared to 31 from West Virginia. Contributions came from 40 states plus Washington, D.C., with some channeled through contribution conduits Winred, Club for Growth and the House Freedom Fund.

For all canddiates, we look at numbers of contributions, not total dollars from contributors.

Donations from Florida topped the list, with 46, followed by Virginia with 33 and Maryland with 32. That put West Virginia in fourth place.

Other states with notable numbers were California, 20; Pennsylvania, 14; New York, 12; and Ohio, 10.

McKinley opened with $510,276.44. He received $51,810.87 from individuals and businesses, and $90,500 from PACs. His operating expenditures were $567,557.34.

That left him a balance of balance $108,279.97. His year-to-date contributions were $1,692,322.83, plus a loan from himself to his campaign committee of $720,000. His total expenditures were $2,520,934.

McKinley saw 56 contributions from West Virginia and 48 from other states – 15 states total plus D.C. None were from Maryland – Mooney’s home state.

McKinley received nine contributions from New York, eight from Texas and five each from Virginia and Florida. Some donations were channeled through Winred.

Buchser-Lochocki opened the period with no campaign cash on hand. She gave her committee $21,861.89, paid in at various dates in various amounts. Her operating expenditures were $20,520.51.

She ended the period with a balance of $1,341.38. Her campaign was all self-funded, with a year-to-date total of $25,797.52; of that, $25,761.47 came from her and $36.05 came from her committee. Her year-to-date expenditures were $24,456.14.

Seckman opened with $188. He gave his campaign $1,300 and spent $1,450. He closed with a balance of $38.

Year-to-date he received $1,400 from individuals and gave his campaign $10,909.40, for a total of $12,309.40. His expenditures were $12,771.40.

Hercules filed no reports with the FEC.


Wendell opened with $1,972.24 and received $3,997 from individuals. His operating expenditures were $3030.51,leaving a balance of $2938.73.

His year-to-date contributions were $6,519 and his expenditures were $3,580.27.

This period, all of Wendell’s contributions were channeled through ActBlue: two from West Virginia and two from California.

Dwyer filed no reports with the FEC.

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