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May the literary and photo tour of Children’s be the only tour you need

If you haven’t already, we recommend you read about David Beard’s recent tour of the new WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital, set to open at the end of September. His story can be found in the Sunday, July 24, newspaper along with some beautiful photos of the facility by Ron Rittenhouse.

This is not self-promotion, though it may seem that way. We’re all certainly curious about the interior after months of seeing the colorfully lit exterior, and David’s story and Ron’s photos are the closest most of us will get to the new medical center — we hope.

Talking about the new children’s hospital is always a little bittersweet. On the one hand, we can’t help but marvel not only at the technology that will provide top-level and highly specialized medical care, but also the tender consideration that was put into every detail. Each floor has a color and a mascot to make it kid-friendly and easily navigable. There are a variety of relaxation and play areas for patients and families. Rooms are both private and cozy, so families can stay together in an intimate environment. And kids can even control the colors and brightness of the twinkle lights over their beds.

Hospitals are scary places, especially for children, and every care was given to make Children’s as homey and welcoming — and the least intimidating — as possible.

On the other hand, it’s always sad to think about the children and families who will be there, especially for extended stays. With the exception of the maternity wing, which will be happily greeting new life, most of Children’s is dedicated to caring for the ill or injured. That makes this new facility, as bright and innovative as it is, one of those places that you kind of want to see, but also fervently hope you never have to.