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Additional info on Monday police chase reveals vehicle was stolen

Tavion D. Scott, 22, of Morgantown, has been identified as the suspect who led Westover police on a high-speed chase down Interstate 79 Monday afternoon before crashing into an embankment in Morgantown.

Scott was initially fleeing from Monongalia County Probation officers in a silver Subaru hatchback after dropping a firearm at the Sheetz on University Avenue.  Officers later discovered the vehicle had previously been reported stolen to the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the criminal complaint, Westover Police Patrolman J. Carver saw Scott just before 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of Fairmont Road and I-79 northbound mile marker 152 on and off ramps.

Scott disregarded the officer’s lights and sirens and continued through the intersection, ignoring traffic lights.

Scott then continued onto I-79 southbound, where he reached speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour, the complaint said.  

While crossing the Uffington Bridge, the officer said Scott passed about three vehicles on the right shoulder of the road.

At 90 miles per hour, Scott proceeded onto Interstate 68 and then exited at Exit 1 — University Avenue.

Again ignoring traffic signals, the officer stated he turned toward Don Knotts Boulevard, heading into downtown Morgantown, still driving at approximately 80 mph.

According to Westover Police Sgt. Hilling, at that point officers made the call to terminate the chase due to safety concerns.

However, seconds later, Scott “lost control while attempting to recklessly overtake several vehicles,” Carver reported, which resulted in him crashing into the right shoulder of the embankment and flipping the vehicle.

Scott got out of the vehicle with a backpack, which he threw onto the ground once confronted by Carver. 

Once in custody, a K-9 was brought to the scene for an open-air sniff of the vehicle, which showed positive results for drugs.

A search of Scott’s belongings resulted in the discovery of approximately 6.1 ounces of alleged marijuana in a glass mason jar, 4.6 grams of alleged marijuana in an orange glass jar and a digital scale.

Scott is being charged with fleeing officers with reckless indifference, receiving or transporting stolen property and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Hilling said Scott had some minor injuries after the incident and due to being involved in a vehicle accident, was taken to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital for clearance.

He is now being held at North Central Regional Jail on $59,000 bond.

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