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Retain and retrain; Scholarship opportunity for Mon County residents through YCF

By Jade Ruggieri

The Monongalia County Adult Workforce Retraining Scholarship is accepting applications for workers in the county whose jobs were eliminated or received reduced hours since March 2020.

The Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia will help recipients who wish to pursue trade, technical or certificate programs as they train for new careers or improve on existing skills because they faced significant workforce disruptions.

“We know how there’s a shortage of workers across the United States — if this can help keep someone who wants to work, and enjoys working in Monongalia County, we want them to take advantage of these educational opportunities,” Patty Showers Ryan, president of YCF, said.

Ryan said about 2,000 individuals experienced work disruptions such as those from the closed Mylan Pharmaceuticals and Blacksville No. 2 mine closing in 2021, in addition to those working in service industries like restaurants and retail.

Through an anonymous donor, award recipients will be able to use the funding to pay for tuition, books, lab fees, tools, certification fees and other mandatory fees.

 “The donor did not want to see this workforce leave Monongalia County to find jobs somewhere else when we could use their help here, just in different capacities,” Ryan said. “It’s also a great opportunity for somebody who has always thought about doing a certain type of career and just never had the opportunity, time or money to make a transition and learn a new trade or skill.”

Application requirements include providing evidence of working in Monongalia County and showing a job loss or reduction in pay any time from March 2020 to the present. It is important to note, that the applicant does not have to live in Monongalia County to apply, they just have to work in the county. If selected, the scholarship award will be paid directly to the respective technical education institution.

“Don’t hesitate to call and ask if these educational dollars could assist you,” Ryan said. “We want to help keep individuals working in Monongalia County, so I always say, there are no silly questions.

“We’re honored to be able to help [the workforce] in this capacity,” Ryan continued. “It’s not only important to keep people working, but it’s so important that all of us are in jobs that are meaningful to us. If this scholarship can help give somebody their certificate or the skills they need to work at a job that’s meaningful to them, then we want to help them.”

The application for the Monongalia County Adult Workforce Retraining Scholarship has a rolling application deadline. To apply, visit or call 304-296-3433.

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