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New website aims to aid MPD recruitment, community interaction

Interacting with the Morgantown Police Department just got a little easier with the launch of their new website earlier this week.

The new site,, which was designed and developed by local design firm Mind Merge Design, focuses on recruiting new officers and staff for the department, and creates a more user-friendly experience.

“The intent of the website is two-fold,” said Police Chief Eric Powell in a recent press release. ”First, we wanted to make it easier on candidates to find out about the department and how to apply.  Second, we wanted to make it easy on citizens to interact with us digitally.  This new website allows us to do both.”

The site has an easy-to-navigate, modern feel to it, and allows visitors to learn more about the Morgantown Police Department, its officers, and the specialized fields which make up the department.

According to Morgantown Communications Director Andrew Stacy, the new site has been in the works since August 2021, but was something that former Chief Preston, now Chief Powell and Stacy had been working toward for a couple years.

“Frequently, a website serves as a first impression a person gets of the organization,” said Stacy. “So we wanted to find a way to make a great first impression.”

Regular updates on performance metrics and other statistics will be featured on the site along with links at the top of the page on how to apply, file an anonymous tip, sign up for a vacation check, and to view criminal and accident reports.

There is also an officer highlight section which will showcase members of the department and why they chose to become a police officer.  Currently in the spotlight is Patrol Officer Sikarin Iambamrung or “Bam.”

One of the site’s main features provides information about the different career paths an officer can pursue in the department including administration, operations and patrol division, detective division and criminal investigation unit, dispatch and records, and the special services unit.

“I think [the site] helps set the Morgantown Police Department apart by showcasing the different divisions and specialties in the department,” Stacy said.  “Like many other departments around the country, the MPD is experiencing staffing and recruiting issues. This is one way we decided we could showcase the department and appeal to potential candidates.”

Upcoming police officer entry-level civil service exams will be administered on February 19 and June 11.  Those interested in taking the Feb. 19 test must submit their applications by Feb. 1.  For more information on joining Morgantown’s finest or the civil service exam check out the new website or contact Christine Wade at 304-284-7434 or

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