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The Dominion Post looking to fill route driver, paper carrier positions

Here’s some profitable news from The Dominion Post — should you be looking for a job that provides supplemental income, while freeing up your day for school or your full-time employment.

The newspaper is looking for carriers and route drivers, to provide its all-important print edition to readers who prefer reading the happenings of Monongalia and Preston counties that way.

“A lot of our readers like that crinkle of the paper in the morning,” Circulation Manager Brittany Merrill said.

“And it’s our job to make sure it’s waiting for them in the morning.”

It could be your job, too.

Her department is seeking two motor route drivers to deliver to subscribers on the western end of Mon.

Other carrier positions — what used to known as “paper boys” and “paper girls” for readers of a certain vintage — are open in Morgantown’s Suncrest area, too.

“We’re looking for anywhere from five to seven people for Suncrest,” Merrill said.

As she said, extra money is the headline for this story.

“Maybe you need to pay off some Christmas bills,” she said.

“Or maybe you have extra expenses for school. And it’s a good way for kids to get into the workforce.”

She got her first read on that when she was 12 years old.

That’s when she began delivering The Dominion Post — those stacks of Sunday papers were taller than she, at first — in her Brookhaven neighborhood.

“My mom and dad wanted to teach me how to be responsible and how to manage money,” she said.

The parental directive on the paycheck was easy, she said.

Part of it went for personal hygiene products for her, including her favorite shampoo, and the like.

“After that, what was left was spending money,” she added, although she does remember being allowed use her first paycheck on a skating pass at the Morgantown Ice Rink.

The once-and-future circulation manager delivered the paper through high school.

Then she went to business school and became a mom of three, while working in various management and supervisory positions across Morgantown.

Later, when she needed some help with bills when her kids were small, she came back to the paper.

These days, The Dominion Post, like several businesses in the region, is down in those critical customer service areas, due to the pandemic.

She and the workers in her department fill in and deliver papers when needed.

The way she sees it, it’s putting that first draft of history in readers’ hands while helping with those extra expenses that can be just as unpredictable as the news of the day at the same time.

Interested? Call her department at 304-291-9456 or send an email to

“It’s a great opportunity,” she said. “I know.”

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