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Downtown seeing a renaissance

It looks like Downtown Morgantown is experiencing its own little renaissance. The Warner Theater is under renovation, Apothecary Ale House will be taking over an old bank building and Morgantown’s Main Street introduced two new businesses last fall.

The renovations at the Warner are particularly thrilling. The historic theater on the lower end of High Street holds a special place in many locals’ hearts, and we’re excited to see new life breathed into it. Once a three-screen cinema, the Warner will be restored as a single theater for live performances. Its location close to the Hotel Morgan and convenient parking will make it a hub for music and plays. We can’t wait to see its marquee alight and to hear the sounds of live shows pouring out its doors.

Apothecary’s new location on Spruce Street will offer a unique feature for our downtown: An outdoor beer garden. The pandemic has shown there is value is outdoor seating, and it sounds like the new and improved bar will be ready to open its doors just as the weather gets nice again. The construction will also include something old and something new: restored tin ceiling tiles original to the building and new parking (a bonus downtown!).

For all downtown’s flaws, Morgantown has the rare privilege of bragging that, unlike many Main Streets across the country, ours is evolving and thriving. We have entrepreneurs willing to set up shop and a community that will rally around new small businesses. We are lucky that High Street has survived for so long and even luckier to see it being revitalized.