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2022, a year for self love

We sit down at the table to go over bills, paying them, balancing a checkbook, budgeting.

We sit down at a table for an interview, for others to ask us questions, get to know your character, and for us to even be as prepared as possible.

I could go on and describe the ways we take time to meal prep even just for dinner, do our homework, tele-work, build a business, start a family, change a baby, etc.

But before this new year marks another chapter in the 7 billion lives of people on this planet, it’s time to sit down at that table one more time. This time we’re sitting at the table to talk about us.

I see trees of green and skies of blue. The year 2022 will bring you nothing but fun, exciting new things to do.

 I am sure we’ve all seen and heard countless New Year’s resolutions. Everybody says they’ll start to lose weight or eat better, change to a new super trendy diet, maybe even give up carbs. But this year, why don’t you sit down at that table one last time and write exactly what you want for yourself and how you’re going to do it? This could be on a notebook, on a poster to hang up and see every day, on your phone, even on a piece of loose leaf paper.

The point is don’t just speak it out into the universe, concentrate on speaking it to yourself, writing it out, seeing it written, really connecting with your thoughts and visions for the future.

Think big. Think baby steps. Think as far left or right as you want, but think about yourself.

Make this next year, 2022, about you and all the things you’re going to do for yourself.

To give you some ideas, I will start — this is me Christelle and my 2022 year of self love. This year, I want to be more in the moment of every second, romanticizing my life because it’s the only one I have. From riding the PRT in Morgantown and being just so thrilled I can experience college on campus, or at all for that matter, to watching the snowfall from my window when I study, thinking about how each snowflake has different design and it and one of them could  spell my name, to making dinner and adding a garnish on top because I deserve a 5-star meal, to reading a book at a park and making a picnic for myself because it just sounds so amazing, and I deserve amazing.

I also want to write to myself, not every day and maybe not all that often. But I want to write letters to my former, future and present selves. Letters to explain how I feel, to ask questions, to ponder the what ifs and the why nots.

I want to submerge myself in the idea that self love is not selfish, it’s the essence of making the world a better place — from starting within and making your mind a better place to making your life the best place to be. Here is to 2022 and all the things you’re about to do.

Christelle Temple is an WVU honors sophomore. She contributes a weekly column on health, fitness and motivation. Follow her on Instagram @ellesbells2. Contact her at