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Purchase gift cards to support recovering restaurants

Shoppers worried about finding the perfect gifts that won’t get delayed in transit should stock up on restaurant gift cards because, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association, more than 60% of people are hoping to receive a restaurant gift card this holiday season. The West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association encourages people to shop early to support their favorite local restaurants.

“Whether they want to eat out or order in, gift cards will work for everyone on your list; you can get them in any amount and technology makes them easy to share so you never have to worry about them being late or getting lost,” said Richie Heath, WVHTA executive director. “People may be reluctant to give a gift card because they feel too impersonal, but what you’re giving is the flexibility and opportunity for them to choose what they want. Plus, they’re a great option if you’re looking to give an experience rather than a material item.”

While consumers are making their shopping lists over the next few weeks, they should keep these numbers in mind:

  • 62% of adults would like to  receive a restaurant gift card
  • 62% of those people would prefer one for their favorite restaurant
  • 20% want to try a new spot
  • 18% want to try a place they would never pick on their own

When asked about their plans for using the restaurant gift cards, 24% of the surveyed consumers said they would use them as soon as possible; 38% said they would use theirs within a few weeks; another 38% said they would save it for a special occasion.

For people looking to shop local or to support small businesses, restaurants are a great option.

“More than 70% of restaurants are small businesses that support the local economy with jobs and provide a gathering place for everyone,” Heath said. “Many of these restaurants were hit hard by the pandemic and are still struggling to rebuild.”

The National Restaurant Association conducted an online survey of 1,027 adults Nov. 12-14, asking questions about their perceptions of restaurant gift cards. See the findings at

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