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Antique tractor association elects new officers

KINGWOOD — The Preston County Antique Tractor and Machinery Association held its Nov. 11 meeting at the Bethlehem Church near Kingwood to elect new officers for 2022.

 The results were: Eric Graham, president; Vice President Paul Sisler; 2nd Vice President, Darwin Welch; Secretary, Debbie Mayfield; Treasurer, Butch Mayfield, and Reporter, Paul Sisler.

The association is an organization composed of individuals who wish to preserve some of the farming equipment that was used 60 to 100 or more years ago.

“Although most of the farm tractors and machinery we are trying to preserve looks primitive compared to today’s modern farm equipment, they (antique tractors and machinery) are the ones that helped produce food for the American people,” Darwin Welch said.

Welch said members of the association sponsor an annual antique tractor and machinery show to give attendees an idea of the tractors and equipment that were used to produce food many years ago.

He said the exhibits at the show consist of several different makes and sizes of tractors, as well as antique pieces of machinery. A thrashing demonstration is one of the highlights of the show. There is also games and contests for children and adults.

“Hopefully, the expanded show scheduled for this coming summer will rekindle memories, especially for those who grew up on farms, and enlighten the young people about Preston Counties agriculture heritage,” Welch said. “The association will welcome anyone who wishes to join our group and be a part of this noble and worthwhile endeavor.”

For information about or to join the Antique Tractor and Machinery Association, call 304-329-3703, 304-698-4039, or 304-777-7805 or write to the Preston County Antique Tractor Association P.O. Box 681, Kingwood, WV 26537.

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