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Appalachian authors team up for short fiction collaboration

Two Appalachian authors, Larry D. Thacker, of Kentucky, and  C.M. Chapman, of Morgantown, have combined their writing efforts for a new short-fiction collaboration, “Everyday, Monsters,” to be released this month from Unsolicited Press.

Both writers have published numerous works between them. Chapman and Thacker met in the MFA program at West Virginia Wesleyan College. As the two became familiar with each other, they quickly developed an admiration for each other’s work. Over time, they decided they should work together.

“I still remember the night that Larry first suggested over drinks that we try something together,” Chapman said. “I immediately agreed. It was something that felt right from the beginning.”

“CM and I have a lot in common when it comes to how we view the weird world. This collaboration was a no-brainer,” Thacker said.

Actual work didn’t begin for a couple years, as both writers nurtured success with well-received individual efforts.

Thacker’s first book was “Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia,” a study of Appalachian folklore and tales. He has authored four full-length poetry collections, “Drifting in Awe,” “Grave Robber Confessional,” “Feasts of Evasion” and “Gateless Menagerie,” coming this month. He is the author of two poetry chapbooks, “Voice Hunting” and “Memory Train.” His first short story collection, “Working it off in Labor County: Stories” was published earlier this year by West Virginia University Press and a follow-up collection, “Labor Days, Labor Nights: More Stories” has been published by Bottom Dog Press. His stories and poems can be found in many literary journals.

Chapman is the author of two short story collections, a chapbook, “Music & Blood,” and a full-length novel-in-stories, “Suicidal Gods.” His stories can also be found in many literary journals.     

“Everyday, Monsters” will be released by Unsolicited Press Tuesday, and promises a wild, genre-shredding romp through Appalachia and beyond, all monsters welcome.

This from the publisher, Unsolicited Press: “What scares you more? The monster under your bed or the one staring back at you in the mirror? Authors C.M. Chapman and Larry Thacker blur the lines between the kinds of monsters that roam the earth in their latest short story collection, ‘Everyday, Monsters.’

“In 21 stories, readers encounter monsters ranging from mythological, psychological, maliciously human and darkly comical. Monsters creep from the deepest parts of humanity, the kind that we are born with, proving that even those with the best senses can overlook shadowy lurking beasts. Chapman and Thacker execute with skill everyday storytelling that leaves readers wondering if what they know is truth or make believe.”

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