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Welcome to the Mon County Market Snapshot brought to you by White Diamond Realty

Let’s take a look at the residential real estate market in the month of October as compared to 2020.

Detached Home Sales

· 10.3% Increase in Units from 78 to 86

· 53.8% Decrease in Marketing Time from 52 Days to 24

· 0.5% Decrease in Sales Price from $329,699 to $328,193

Attached Home Sales

· 12.5% Decrease in Units from 40 to 35

· 44.4% Increase in Marketing Time from 27 Days to 39

· 11.6% Increase in Sales Price from $184,489 to $205,922

Current Market

· 179 Active Residential Properties

· 202 Contingent Residential Properties

· 3.09 Months Inventory = Seller’s Market


· The volume for and speed for Detached homes continues to impress

· The opposite is true for Attached homes

· This is the third month we’ve had three months of inventory indicating the balancing of the market is staying steady

Further Thoughts

If you recall, last month I mentioned that the fourth quarter is typically the busiest with settlements. The unit volume and marketing time in the Detached category definitely reflects this. As for the Attached category, as a general rule this is not atypical for this time of year, but is certainly atypical for the year we’ve had. Also last month, I dove into month over month comparison in addition to year over year. The same trend of less drastic volume increases I noticed then holds true this month. There were only four more units sold in the month of October as opposed to September, so I’m hoping we are continuing to balance into a more manageable market for 2022.

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