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Board members discuss improvements to sewer system

KINGWOOD — A representative from Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc., of Bridgeport, and Kingwood Sanitary Sewer Board members discussed improvements to the Kingwood sewer system during the board’s Monday afternoon meeting.

Matt Fluharty, CEC principal, said the key focus is on the removal of 46 or 47 grinder pumps that are still part of the sewer system.

Last month, Travis Adams, senior project manager of CEC, and Nick Wolfe, Kingwood sewer supervisor, went through the locations of all of the existing pumps and said with planning and evaluation they could be replaced with a gravity system. Many of the systems are already close to a gravity line.

Fluharty said the second task is an extension on W.Va. 7 to pick up more customers, deciding how far to extend the line and the cost of the extension.

There are Victory Dodge, people on Herring Road and homes on Kanes Creek and Cherry Ridge roads, that could be added to the sewer system.

Randy Plum, vice chairman of the board, said there are 20-25 residential homes that are not on the public sewer system but are within the city limits. The homes are close to a system and could easily be added.

Fluharty said the third task would be updating the treatment plant.

The wastewater plant has four RBC units. RBC, or rotating biological contactor, is a conventional aerobic biological wastewater treatment unit.

The RBCs were last evaluated 10 years ago by Walker Process, the company that made  them. They determined they had 10 years of life.

Chuck Miller, secretary of the board, said he wanted a contract with CEC before work begins.

Plum said by the next meeting he believed the board would be in a position to sign an engineering contract with CEC.

No further action was taken.

 Rather than having a Christmas party, City Clerk Amy Adams said city employees would be given a turkey or a ham. She said full-time employees would also be given a one-time payment adjustment of $400 and part-time employees $200.

The next meeting of the Kingwood Sanitary Sewer Board will be at 2:30 p.m. Dec. 13.

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