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Say goodbye to Albright School

Owner hopes to salvage much of the rock, boards and more 

ALBRIGHT — In 2016, the last class reunion was held in the old Albright School. Reunion organizer Jessica Tice, an alumna of the school, opened the reunion to all past students as well as faculty staff and administrators.

Now, the 1910 building is about to be torn down and much of the material from its classrooms re-purposed or sold. The school building,  on 28 1st Street, has eight classrooms on its two floors. A  gym and cafeteria were added in 1951.

During the flood of 1985-86, Albright residents who didn’t go to the emergency shelter at the Craig Civic Center in Kingwood went to the school. It served as a safe haven from the rising water. At the school, two women stayed outside and kept fires burning to heat water and warm food for the residents inside.

Jay Sowers, Preston County litter officer, said he spoke with the owner of the building, Glenn Dunn. He said Dunn assured him work on taking the building down would begin soon.

“It’s a work in progress. He’s a contractor, and he has all of the equipment in place,” Sowers said. “He wants to salvage the hand-cut rock, bricks, chalk boards, chestnut boards and the oak wood. That stuff is valuable.”

On Facebook, residents past and present shared memories about the school.

Equipment for the job sits outside of the dilapidated structure.
Jay Sowers, Preston County litter officer, said Dunn “… wants to salvage the hand-cut rock, bricks, chalk boards, chestnut boards and the oak wood” in the school.

Patricia Dixon posted, “It was a wonderful place to go to school and teach. I will miss it.”

“Will miss seeing the old school, but for safety reasons it is best that it is being torn down,” Geniene Nedrow Zinn commented. “We all have great memories and friends that will last the rest of our lives,”

Paul Bishop posted that he enjoyed eight years of schooling and two years of teaching at the school.

“What can I say,” Renee Richards posted. “Albright School was a very special school. We had the best teachers, the best cooks and the best janitors and principal. At Albright school, we was not just students, we were family. It makes me sad that they are going to tear it down, but it makes me even sadder to drive by and see what shape it is in. So I guess we will all say our goodbyes to the school and remember with fond memories of what it means to each and everyone of us.”

Sowers said according to Dunn’s plans he will have work on the first floor completed by winter.

“He has a very good plan in mind, and he’s not going to leave a pile of debris behind,” Sowers said.

Dunn did not comment for this story. Though he said he would contact The Dominion Post and do a story once he begins work on the school building.

For those wishing to share memories, The Albright Elementary School Alumni can be found on Facebook.

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