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Herring Road project nearly done

KINGWOOD — The Herring Road project is moving toward completion.

Tim Rice, senior engineer of Potesta & Associates, said AML (American Mine Land Grant) has granted the Kingwood Water Board permission to extend its line to pick up two additional customers.

He said five new taps are also scheduled to be installed in that area. That would bring the number of new customers to seven.

The Herring Road project was funded through an AML Grant and an Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council grant. A.J. Burk from Horner was awarded the contract for part A and B of the project.

Rice said a new PRV station would also have to be added on Concord Road. He said there was a hold-up on the item but it is scheduled to be delivered by mid-November.

A pressure relief valve station is used to control or limit surges of pressure within pipelines. It acts as protection for the system and defends against instrument or equipment failure.

Board members also discussed a possible critical needs project for Pleasantdale. The project, if funded, would replace some or all of the PRVs in that area.

“A critical needs funding is IJDC administered,” Rice said. “There is a lot of high pressure in that area (Pleasantdale) that needs to be reduced. We want to get an application submitted, so we are in line.”

In other business, board members approved two leak adjustment requests and four tap applications.

City Clerk Amy DeBerry said the Public Service Commission recently updated its leak adjustment policy. She said under the new policy, to receive a leak adjustment the bill has to be more than double the normal water bill.

In the past, customers who sought a leak adjustment for a large bill had to do so within 30 days. This also changed, DeBerry said. There is no time limit on when an adjustment can be requested. Customers can only apply for an adjustment once every 12 months.

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