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Process to fix Ida damage moving along

KINGWOOD — The West Virginia Conservation Agency has been very helpful as it works with Preston County on stream restoration, streambank stabilization and stream blockage removal projects.

That’s what County Administrator Kathy Mace told the Preston County Commission at its regular meeting Tuesday when she updated commissioners on the status of the work. 

“I have the bid documents ready,” Mace said. “I have the notice ready to send out to prospective contractors.”  

The commission signed an agreement to work with the WVCA at its Sept. 14 meeting. The damage was caused by flooding from rain brought by Hurricane Ida Sept. 1. The work is being done under a county emergency declaration.

Additionally, Tuesday, employees with the Preston County OEM/E911 were working with landowners to get access needed for the work, Mace said.

“We have to be able to have access,” Mace said. “Some are from the sides of the road or sides of the street, and some you have to go on someone’s property.”

All but one of those access points have been secured, OEM/911 Director Duane Hamilton told The Dominion Post Wednesday. The last access is a matter of contacting the landowner around the person’s work schedule.

The WVCA will have a representative at the pre-bid meeting, which will be held at the county commission building before site visits, Mace said. The bids will be based on the number of man and machine hours the contractors think it will take.

“We couldn’t do anything today, because we don’t have the land acquisition paperwork done,” Mace said. “We hope to have that done today. So I’d like to look at perhaps something next week. I’m going to coordinate with the conservation agency, just to make sure that they’re here.”

Commissioners do not need to attend the pre-bid, Mace said. The bid award will likely be 7-10 days following the pre-bid. 

Little Buffalo Creek in the Green Valley area and Salt Lick Creek, between Rowelsburg and Terra Alta, are among the areas in need of work.

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