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Main Street Morgantown teams with Clean Up volunteers to tidy up downtown

MORGANTOWN — First you party, then you clean.

That, in a nutshell, is the schedule for downtown Morgantown this weekend.

About 48 hours after Saturday’s Hops on the Mon Craft Beer & Food Festival, volunteers will hit High Street on Monday for a little sprucing up as part of a joint effort between Main Street Morgantown and the Morgantown Clean Up Project.

Now, to be fair, Main Street Morgantown Executive Director Barbara Watkins didn’t exactly care for the above framing. She pointed out that Saturday’s event won’t be a raging kegger, and that it will be cleaned up immediately following the event.

Further, she said the city already collects trash and power washes the sidewalks each morning.

Watkins said Monday will be more about getting down to business.

“I’m sure we’ll still pick up plenty of litter and stuff like that, but we’re going to focus a lot on the businesses and storefronts,” she said. “We want to clean window sills and door fronts and entry ways, and maybe clean up some of the trash receptacles downtown.”

You’re (hopefully) included in that “we.” Volunteers are invited to meet at 201 High St. prior to the 3-6 p.m. cleanup.

“We want anybody who cares about the downtown and wants to see it improved to come down and help get it cleaned up,” she said. “We’ll start at the 300 block and work our way up. We’re going to clean, but we’re going to have a good time, too.”

Morgantown Deputy Mayor Danielle Trumble, who began the Morgantown Clean Up Project group on Facebook, said she expects a good turnout after the group’s last gathering brought more than a dozen people to tidy up the riverfront trail after receiving a lesson in sharps handling from Milan Puskar Health Right.

“I hope, because we’re working with a few different groups, that we have a nice turnout and can not only remove some trash, but do some beautification in our downtown district,” Trumble said. “I think that’ll be a nice change of pace for the Morgantown Clean Up Project.”

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