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Preston Commission approves water service change

KINGWOOD — Five homes on Indian Rock Road in Preston County that get water from Public Service District 1 will be hooked to Kingwood Water Works after the Preston County Commission gave its approval.

Amy DeBerry, water office manager, said the homes are right across the street from an ongoing Abandoned Mine Land project, which is funded through the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

DeBerry and James Marks, chief operator, asked the commission to approve the taps and KWW taking over service to the homes at its Tuesday meeting.

Five taps were requested originally, but since then additional ones have been added in anticipation of future construction, DeBerry said. A map of the proposal shows eight taps.

Commission President Don Smith said it made sense to do that.

The customers served by PSD 1 have a service line of more than 2,000 feet because the PSD’s service didn’t extend that far, DeBerry said. The customers paid for the line themselves and ran it to PSD 1’s main.

“Normally, utilities are responsible for the line up to the meter. In this case, the customer owns the line and are responsible for it,” DeBerry said. 

Taking over the line with the new taps eliminates the long service line and is a “win-win” for PSD 1 and KWW, DeBerry said.

“There are currently several customers (family) all tied into that one service line. When we take over, there will be a tap for each location,” DeBerry told The Dominion Post.

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