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Get ready for the electronics recycling event

The Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority, in partnership with PC Renewal, will hold an electronics (E-cycle) event from 8 a.m.-noon Saturday  at Sam’s Club, University Town Centre.

 This is another  opportunity for Monongalia County residents to properly recycle and dispose of  electronics. E-cycling  old or replaced electronics keeps hazardous materials out of the environment, provides space for non-recyclable items at the landfill, extends the life of the landfill, and it keeps manufactures from using virgin materials.

Steps to prepare for the event

  • Review the list of accepted items  at
    There are many accepted items that may surprise you like car batteries, bicycles and lawn mowers. If you are not sure if your item will be accepted review the “Do not accept” column or email with a photo of your item or use the Contact Us button on the  website.
  • Remove all packaging, including plastic, cardboard, instruction manuals, CDs and remove from boxes. Remove broken glass from printers and scanners and the glass plates from microwaves. To recycle a lawn mower the oil and gas must be removed.

What to expect

  • Volunteers and staff will greet and guide you through the line.
  • Remain in your vehicles at all times. Volunteers and staff will unload your vehicle.
  • Leave your pet at home for the safety of volunteers and staff.  
  • Be patient while waiting in line. We will move the line along as quickly as possible, but safety is our top priority.

Items not accepted

There is a list of items not accepted on the  website, it includes these:

  • no TVs of any kind.
  • No CRT (Cathode ray tube) monitors. CRT monitors are the older models with the big tube in the back.
  • Items containing freon, for example air conditioners and refrigerators.
  • Contact the SWA if you are not sure if your item will be accepted.

 More information

Visit the SWA website to read more about this e-cycle event and e-cycling options after the event.

Follow the authority or visit the Facebook page to keep up to date on items being accepted and other updates.

Call  304-292-3801,  email at or use the Contact Us button on the SWA website

Lynn Castro is the Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority Solid Waste administrator and can be reached  at

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