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Sewer board looking into homeowner’s damage

KINGWOOD — For a few minutes it looked like the Monday evening meeting of the Kingwood Sewer Board would not take place. The only member present was Mayor Jean Guillot.

Guillot and City Clerk Amy DeBerry tried to call the other two members without success. Just as Guillot was about to reschedule the meeting Board Member Chuck Miller arrived.

Prior to his arrival Buffy Barlow told Guillot and DeBerry a problem with a sewer line under the road in front of her house had caused about $7,000 in damages. She said backed up water caused mold on the walls and destroyed the carpeting.

DeBerry said the bill will be turned over to the city’s insurance company.

Sewer Supervisor Nick Wolfe said the pike referred to by Barlow was “definitely masked down.” He said a contractor was at the Barlow home working on the sewer.

“I don’t know how it backed up into their home but it should be submitted to the insurance company,” he said.

“It was a terra cotta line,” Miller said after hearing what was being discussed. “We have a lot of terra cotta line in Kingwood,”

At their last meeting board members approved $20,000 for a new pump. The pump was on a list of items members of the sewer board wanted to purchase, along with items for future purchases. The city allocated $104,000 for the sewer board and $107,000 for the water board for infrastructure needs.

“Pumps aren’t $19,000,” Wolfe said. “They are $70,000. Some of the guys are looking at different brands.”

Guillot suggested putting the pump on the list for future purchase and bump some of the future items up in its place.

“We wanted to keep the sewer and water money even,” DeBerry said. “At about a $100,000 each.”

When asked about parks and recreation she said parks and recreation’s money came from loss of revenue.

Water and sewer boards do not qualify for loss of revenue funds.

“Keep it at $104,000,” Guillot suggested. “Just flip-flop a few items.”

From pumps the discussion moved to vehicles.

Wolfe said sewer had a vehicle needing to be replace. He said it was a truck that no longer runs.

“We have some decent vehicles and one that will be paid off in October,” he said. “We need a regular pick-up truck.”

Guillot asked him to provide information about the truck that is no longer in service and three bids on a new truck.MHS student Kamryn Daniels wipes a tear as she receives a full ride college scholarship from Gov. Jim Justice in the Do it for Babydog vaccine sweepstakes Thursday.

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