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Trinity football team making final adjustments as season approaches

MORGANTOWN — The Trinity football team is getting closer to game-ready form as the season inches closer.

“We’ve seen a big improvement on our line of scrimmage. We’ve got more power out of them than what we expected early on,” head coach Chris Simpson said.

The Warriors are seeing growth in their skill positions, as well. The quarterback competition between Jaylon Hill and Chayce Adams is closing in going into the first scrimmage against Calhoun County — the job is “Hill’s to lose.”

Simpson hopes to get reassurance the team’s offensive plans for the season are not only manageable, but able to excel and let the skill positions flourish.

“I want my line to continue to prove itself, to show us that it can buy us the time we need to get the offense running, and I want to prove some mental toughness to these guys,” he said.

After having the team compete with one another during the off-season, Simpson is most excited about getting back out on the field with fresh competition.

“You get stale after playing against each other for so long. It will be good to see them against some folks they don’t know, and will be an excellent test for them.”

Behind the improving offensive line, Simpson is relying on his quarterback and receivers to move the ball quickly down the field with an air-raid mentality.

“It’s short passes, quick receptions, getting the ball to athletes in space and allowing them to make a move or make a play. It’s trying to set up the run game to buy yourself more passing opportunities,” he said.

However, Simpson admits that his team’s strengths lie on the other side of the ball.

“Defensively, it’s keeping the ball in front of us and playing within ourselves. At the end of the day, we are a defensive team right now until we prove otherwise,” he said.

Simpson is modeling his unit around Texas Christian University’s 4-2-5 defensive play and puts a lot of stock into his safety play from both Levi Teets and Carmelo Kniska.

“Our strength is definitely in our secondary between Teets and Kniska, just two unbelievable safeties for us,” Simpson said.

Teets receives high praise from Simpson, as he continues to quarterback the defense and help with their offensive attack.

“[Teets] is just a commencement leader. He’s been stepping in for us a little bit at tailback, he’s been playing slot for us, and he’s still quarterbacking the defense. He’s one of those once-a-decade players. Just a high IQ, high-hustle and really in-tune with what is going on, just a great leader,” Simpson said

As the season approaches, Simpson has his eyes set on the games against Cameron and Madonna, as he described them as important milestone markers for the Warriors.

“They always have a solid team as well and we are looking to make a name for ourselves,” he said.

The Warriors begin their season at home against Bridgeport (Ohio) on Sept. 3.

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