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Council holds workshop to discuss funds

KINGWOOD — Kingwood City Council members will hold a workshop with representatives from  the sewer and water boards to discuss possible funding for some of their proposed projects.

The City of Kingwood received $674,580.94 in American Rescue Plan Act funds last month. The funds are non-recurring, and the city will receive the remainder in April 2022.

Robert DeRiggi, president of the Kingwood Water Board, and Amy DeBerry, water board clerk, presented a list of projects for  the water board and the sanitary sewer board. Both boards are seeking funding for some of their projects.

“It’s a list of projects the sewer board wants to do,” DeBerry said. “The sewer board has many smaller projects. They have not done any engineering yet like the water board has.”

She did not specify individual projects that had been submitted for consideration.

Two of the projects DeRiggi submitted to council members deal with  the need for clarifier covers and water intake issues. He said line extensions from 500 to 1,000 feet could be done by employees.

“Any help will keep us from having to go to the bank for a loan and increasing rates,” he said.

Councilman Bill Robertson said he believed the need for funding was something that should be discussed. He said even if council decides to set the funds aside for later, it’s necessary to let members of the other boards know what the plans are so they can budget.

“Even if we hold onto the funds, we need to let them know,” he said.

“I’m in favor of more discussion,” Councilwoman Tina Turner said. “We need to get input from all the different organizations.”

Councilwoman Karen Kurilko said she would like to have some of the money spent on a “nice family recreation area.” She said  another important factor potential businesses look at is recreational availability for employees and their families.

Sisler Street

Work is progressing on Sisler Street. Some of the ditching has been completed, but Robertson said he saw water running down the middle of Flynn Street and running crossing Sisler Street during a  storm prior to the meeting.

In order to ditch the gravel road and Flynn Street, a right-of-way is necessary. Robertson suggested contacting the town attorney about obtaining the right-of-way.

“There is no sense of doing the road unless we do it right,” he said. “Get in touch [with] the lawyer about the right-of-way.”

Other business

 In other business, council unanimously voted to purchase new Christmas lights and wreaths, choosing lights shaped like poinsettias, a zig-zag Christmas tree and a bell. City Clerk Michelle Whetsell said all of the lights will be color LED lights. Kingwood’s previous Christmas lights were white.

Council previously allocated $25,000 for the new lighting. Whetsell said the lights will be purchased from Display Sales in Minnesota.

 Whetsell said she has not received a response from the certified letters  mailed out regarding  Sweet Annie’s building. She said she is putting a notice in this week’s paper so council can make a decision about the property during its September meeting.

Council also unanimously voted to lock the Maplewood Cemetery gates from 8 p.m.-7 a.m. daily.

“We used to lock the gates,” Councilman Dick Shaffer said. “I believe there is some activity in there that’s not kosher.”

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