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Enjoy the taste of tradition at Nonno Carlo

MORGANTOWN — Enjoy the fresh taste of traditional Italian food at Nonno Carlo in Suncrest Towne Centre.

Owner Nick DeMedici, whose family emigrated to north-central West Virginia from Italy in the early 1900s, has always had a passion for honoring his heritage through family and food, and created the eatery as a way to celebrate Italian culture.

“From the decor to the products to the ‘Buongiorno’ when you walk in, I want you to feel like you have just walked into a shop in Italy,” he said.

Nonno Carlo specializes in Italian-American deli fare and features Italian staple foods.

Nick Demedici stands in fron of family pictures at his restaurant Nonno Carlo. (Ron Rittenhouse/The Dominion Post)

The restaurant offers a wide selection of cold and hot sandwiches, and wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas. In addition, Nonno Carlo offers fresh, wood-fired bread, house-made mozzarella cheese, and a selection of high-quality, imported foods.

“Everything that we can get imported, we import. And if we can make it in-house, we make it in-house,” said DeMedici. “Some of my family recipes are involved.”

The Italian deli meats are exclusive to Nonno Carlo. 

A large amount of products are made in-house, such as the ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, meatballs, and red sauce.

“Two of our most famous products are the meatballs, which is my family’s recipe, and the margarita pizza,” DeMedici said. “You will not find or taste a pizza that is like ours. It’s really something special.” 

The restaurant is doing soft openings and plans on having a grand opening in late August.

“Our grand opening will be an event that you don’t want to miss,” DeMedici said. 

DeMedici named the restaurant after his grandfather. “Nonno is Italian for grandfather, and Carlo was my grandfather. I wanted to honor my grandfather, who I was very close with.”

Elijah Romine, of Harma Hospitality, is helping DeMedici prepare Nonno Carlo for its official opening. 

Romine has been helping with recipe development, staffing and training, and logistics.

Nick Demedici holds a piece of pottery hand signed in Nonno Carlo.

“I have been helping with all of the nuts and bolts of a day-to-day operation,” he said.

Harma Hospitality also owns Dockside Grille, Crab Shack Caribba, Sugar Bar, and now Nonno Carlo.

“Harma is available to help new business owners develop restaurants and help train employees,” Romine said.    

DeMedici has had an idea of opening a restaurant for 20 years and to be able to share his traditions and remember those who came before and honor them is DeMedici’s goal for Nonno Carlo. 

“Morgantown is home. It’s a great community filled with great people. This restaurant brings a passion of mine to home,” DeMedici said. “I wanted to stay authentic, and I wanted this to be an experience instead of another place to eat.” 

Nonno Carlo, 1016 Suncrest Towne Centre, is open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. every day.  To learn more about Nonno Carlo, check out its website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram @nonnocarlowv. 

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